Let me make you a gift set with 6 full size pots up, to turn your home into a cosy abode.

1 - Sweater Weather - Frosty Mornings, Fresh Air and Your Favourite Hoodie

2 - Duvet Day - Fresh Bedding, Rain Clouds and Cups of Tea (Inspired by Spring Awakening)

3 - St Anthony's Bank - Driftwood, Rocksalt and Cleethorpes Sunsets

4 - Stay Home - Chocolate Macaroons, Maple Sugar and Avoiding People Feels'

5 - I Love You Berry Much - Blueberry, Vanilla and Sunday Morning Snuggles

6 - Cosy Retreat - Sweet Orange, Chilli Pepper and Log Cabin Vibes



Cosy Home Gift Set - 6 Full Size Soy Wax Melts Gift-wrapped


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