Do you dread that book bag and need to display works of art- keep it for a week on the board and post to a family member. You got this!

£12.00 for 2 people and other people (I can only fit two pegs on due to the weight of your childrens masterpieces)

All come on an acrylic board- personalised.
Ideal for

Once you purchase one, please send me a picture to

Of what the people/ pets in the product you would like me to make. Please put their names to their pictures also. I can only fit one name to each person/pet. If there are other items you would like or additional people, send me a message and see what i can do. I can also take just a description too and can do huge family ones, just get in touch.

Please bear in mind these are basic but i will try and accommodate and do my best.

I use acrylic signs, on a wire with polymer clay and personalised vinyl. These are not suitable for outdoor use.

I cant wait to make your product, get in touch and allow up to three weeks to make them.

Winging At Parenting Plaque- 'Look What .... Have Made'